About us

Who We Are

No one has ever become poor by giving. With a bit of love, so much can be done on so many levels. Each child, Adult, Individual has the right to a healthy, nourished life and future. But with conflicts raging and hunger on the rise, many roadblocks prevent them from reaching their highest potential.

In a bid to promote and implement the SDGs, FEEDING WITHOUT BOUNDARIES is an humanity driven organization which currently focuses on the Goal 2 and 1 of the Sustainable Development Goals respectively. (Zero Hunger and No Poverty).

We seek to provide an all inclusive and leveled class community to Motherless children, Disabled and Widows by rendering support and relief items to these categories of individuals.

In proving the fact that there are no boundaries to who should be rendered help, FWB seeks to remind and establish the reach that they are a core part of the society.


• Organizing mini party at Motherless children homes during Festive periods.

• Visiting correctional centers with food supplies

• Feeding people on the streets

• Providing food items and relief packages for widows, aged and single parents.


FWB seeks to ensure that less privileged people, Motherless children, People Living With Disabilities (PLWD) and Widows inclusive are embraced and treated as a part of their communities by rendering support and relief items to these categories of individuals.



• Taking action against hunger.

• Providing for the Vulnerable and Less privileged people.


Our Journey So Far 

Feeding the vulnerables at Mokola Underbridge and Sabo, Oyo State.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

For us at FWB, #ZeroHunger goes beyond hunger, it means enough nutritious food for everyone, everywhere and we understand the need to take actions to make healthy diets available to all.

Our goal is to get healthy and nutritious food available and accessible to everyone (most importantly the vulnerable and less privileged).

We feel the need to provide healthy food to the underprivileged living under Mokola bridge in Ibadan and we did same. Our belief is that, if everyone rise to their needs, they too can be useful for our society

Visit to FOWMAN Orphanage Home, Basorun, Ibadan.

We visited FOWMAN Orphanage, Bashorun annex and later the headquarter at General Gas area of Ibadan, we used the opportunity of our visit to spend time with the over 50 children available at the orphanage, provide readymade foods and at same time get to play with them.

Mini Party for Children of Tabitha Homes, Ibadan

We celebrated the Eid-l-Kabir Festival with our friends @tabitha_home on 13th of August, 2109 and we had a great time.

It was a day full of fun activities (Foods and Drinks), Games, Dance 💃 and lot more..

The kids at the orphanage home and smart and very outspoken. We encouraged them to face their studies and also always strive to be a better person in the society.

Support Visit to Nigeria Correctional Centre, Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State.

One of the highlights of our 2019 @feedingwithoutboundaries was the December #PrisonOutreach.

We had an amazing experience spending the better part of the #BoxingDay2019 with the over 1000 inmates at Agodi Custodian Facility of the Nigeria Correctional Service in Ibadan.

The inmates are loaded, they could at best be referred to as “Brains Behind Bars".. Some of them made hand-fans and key-holders using sack and sold to their visitors; we bought some to support them.

We had over 40 volunteers in attendance.. We donated foods, drinks, toiletries (including bath soap, toothpaste, tissue paper, detergent e.t.c), books 📚 and a whole lot more.

@mbs_wellnesscenter also supported us by sending a representative who spoke about The Mind and Mental Wellness.

We also admonish them on the need to be a better person for the society when they get out of the confinement.

It was an awesome experience and the time spent was worth it.

Distribution of Face Masks to People in Selected Areas of Ibadan as part of our fight against COVID19.

In a bid to support people in our community to fight our common enemy #CoronaVirus #COVID19, our team went round #Ibadan to distribute reusable Face Masks and also give talks on the best possible ways to prevent the Virus.

Beneficiaries of our face masks includes #Okada riders, #traders and passersby.

We urged our people to follow the several precautionary measures as laid down by #WHO, #NCDC and Government at all levels.

#COVID19 is our common enemy, we should join hands to fight it!.

Outreach to Support People Living with Disabilities, and Widows in Osogbo, Osun State.

In our usual manner, the @feedingwithoutboundaries team on Sunday 27th of September, 2020 stormed Osun State for our #OsogboOutreach to support over 100 #widows, #PLWD, #SingleMoms and the #Vulnerables with relief materials, particularly food items.
The first phase of the outreach which was held at the NUJ Hall located at Dada Estate in Osogbo had over 40 volunteers in attendance, as well as 70 beneficiaries. Although been our first ever outreach in Osogbo, we were still able to reach our targeted beneficiaries as proposed with the support of our partners, including @FONAHfoundation, #Al-Hisan Islamic Welfare Foundation as well as JDPC, Osogbo. We gave quality and sustainable food items to beneficiaries in attendance.
At the Home of #PeopleWithDisabilities located at Kola Balogun area of Osogbo, we admonished them not to see their present condition as a reason to be idle, we encouraged them to also continue to do all within their capacity to be useful and contribute meaningfully to the society. Highlights of the event includes donation of Crutches to aid locomotion for the needed person, donation of #fooditems and #cash as financial assistance to their association, purchase of some of the items produced by the Disabilities community and particularly that of a Man with visual impairment and many more.